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St. Paul Evangelical & Reformed Church
Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
Original Location
4236 NE 8th
Portland, Oregon
8th & Failing
Portland, Oregon
      The St. Paul's Evangelical Church dates from early 1904 when it was founded with the leadership of the Reverend Jacob Hergert, a minister serving under the Evangelical Synod of North America. Meetings were first held in a rental hall on Union Avenue. The location chosen was the corner of NE 8th and Failing Streets where the present building still stands. The original building constitutes part of the present structure. The congregation and church were incorporated as "Die Deutsche Evangelische St. Paul's Kirche."
      In 1938, a new sanctuary was built to the east of the old church and the two structures were connected together. The old steeple was removed and a new one built at the point where the two buildings came together, and the new entrance was located there as well.
      With a membership of only 21, the congregation was disbanded on 1 May 1973 and the building was sold.
Jacob E. Hergert (1904-1921)
Elias Hergert (1925-1939)
A. Bitter
Pastor Fisher
F.W. Winkelman
K. Pheifer
E. Pfundt
J. Brown
H. Bock
H. Dymale
H. Schock
R. Maier
Theodore C. Strobel (?-1973)
- St. Pauls Evangelical & Reformed Church (Steve Schreiber)
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St. Paul Evangelical & Reformed
Church (circa 1920)
Photo courtesy of Evangelical Reformed Historical Society, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

St. Paul Evangelical & Reformed
Church (circa 1924)
Courtesy of Esther Schmidt Schreiber.

Former St. Paul Evangelical & Reformed Church (1999)
Photo courtesy of Steve Schreiber.

1924 Confirmation Class
Photo courtesy of Kimberlee Henkel-Moody.