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Samara Colonies in Russia
      Beginning in 1859, a number of colonies were settled in the Volga Region above the city of Samara about 45 miles from the Volga River. Originally 10 colonies were established in a cluster called the Alexandertal Settlement and inhabited almost exclusively by Mennonites from West Prussia. In 1863, a number of Lutheran colonists arrived, mostly from Poland and Silesia, and were settled in colonies clustered around the original Mennonite colonies.
      In later years, both of these colony groups (Mennonite and Lutheran) attracted those resettling from the lower Volga colonies and the Black Sea region. Thousands of Black Sea Germans also lived in these colonies as they were moving to areas east of the Ural Mountains where they were seeking better farming opportunities.
      The following colonies were located in this cluster north and east of Samara:
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Last updated 9 March 2011.

Map of the Samara Settlements
Source: Heimatbuch (1955).

Map of the Alexandertal Settlement
Samara District
Source: Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online.